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Film & TV Professionals
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"Officially The Best Tesla Advertisement Ever"
Chloe Miller
Chloe Miller
Rep / Social Media Marketing Director at MillerStephen
According to Jalopnik: “This is officially the best Tesla Motors Advertisement Ever." From David...
This Is Officially The Best Tesla Advertisement Ever
This Is Officially The Best Tesla Advertisement Ever
Tesla Motors doesn't do traditional advertising and marketing the way the big automakers do. This has led some of the nascent company's fans to make their own, like this gem from a few months ago. Guess what? Another fan has just made the best...
George Nemzer
Good trailer lots of action to promote their car. Very good...
George NemzerBroadcast Media Professional
Brett Clements
Brett ClementsExecutive Producer. Senior Cinematographer. PlatinumHD Propvid
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